One Room Challenge

The hubs and I moved into our condo in May 2014.  It has definitely been a work in progress as I've slowly been making it ours.  One area that has always been ignored is our cute little 5'x9' balcony.  With Chicago weather and winter, it never seemed like a place I wanted to spend the time or the moneys.  With spring/summer around the corner, I'm joining in on the One Room Challenge for the next six weeks to make our balcony a relaxing outdoor space above the hustle and bustle of Lincoln Ave. 

The One Room Challenge partners with House Beautiful every April and October and follows 20 top designers as they re-make one space.  However, regular joe blows like moi can join in as a guest participants so I figured why the heck not.  It will be good motivation for me to actually get this project done.  Each Thursday all participants post progress updates and I'm super excited to get this under way and see everyone's work!

before. my doggy Denzel's bone front and center.

before. my doggy Denzel's bone front and center.

beautiful view of CVS.

beautiful view of CVS.

My plan is to create functional seating that is weather resistant and won't blow off (yes we do get winds!).  I also want plants, plants, and plants in an attempt to create some privacy for when I enjoy my morning coffee.  We're on the third floor of a four story building with neighbor's balconies on both sides and overlooking a busy street.  Since we barely go out on it in winter, I'll plan on covering everything during those freezing months since there is no extra storage space inside. 

Googling "small balcony ideas" can be a serious black hole of the cutest yet least practical design ideas for a Chicago balcony.  For starts, I definitely can't have an outdoor rug.  Not only would that thing blow away but it would be a magnet for moisture and rust.  The last thing I need is a hole in our wrought iron balcony.  I also need storage for those rainy days and plants that can withstand morning sun for hours and hours and (with hope!) renew next spring.

Here is my inspiration board!

I'm definitely doing this on a budget so gonna get as creative as possible for this one.  Can't wait to get started and thanks for following along!


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After being in business for three full wedding seasons, we felt it was definitely time for a refresh and new look.  It's a little more streamlined and a lot more us.  We're wrapping up our 2016 with 3 more weddings on the books and some well needed R&R (aka couch time with my dog).  We also have some new changes in store and excited to roll them out in the coming months.  Stay tuned!

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