what we do.

The Bread & Butterfly is a floral and design studio located in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago IL.  Our name is in reference to a fictional insect taken from the story, Alice in Wonderland.  With a touch of whimsy and ease, our work is inspired by this fantastical wonderland Alice visits.  Beginning in 2018, we will be opening up an online shop and taking on a more selective number of weddings per year for full floral design. Stayed tuned for exciting changes! 


We do a selective number of weddings per year, both in and around Chicago.  We also LOVE doing private parties and special events where we can really let our creative flag fly. 

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We are available for special plant orders.  We love everything from cacti, to succulents, to ferns, and the oh so coveted fiddle leaf tree.  We're experts on what will work in low light apartments...we've been there!

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Not only are we available for floral and plant styling, but we also love working with other goods like textiles and food. Get in touch to collaborate on special projects, window installations, photoshoots, and more!