Denzel and Me

Carolyn : owner

After studying fine arts in college, I bummed around a bit (i.e., a bit of travel followed by countless Starbucks lattes made where my mom would come in and then tip me extra when I got home) before moving to Chicago in 2008.   I attended grad school at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, studying art education and researching the use of knit graffiti as a tool for youth to engage with their communities.  PROOF.

Some this and that later, I decided to explore my interest in floral design and I opened The Bread & Butterfly floral studio in late 2013 without any clue what I was doing.  I worked my tail off, and, in four years, I made over 100 bridal bouquets.  I love floral design and learned an incredible amount as a business owner but it was never my true passion.  In 2018 I chose to limit myself to only a few weddings in order to shift my business towards my art and design practice. 

When I'm not making things, I love to cook, travel with my hubby George, eat while traveling (duh.), am head over heels for my son Denzel Washington, and home design is really what I think about far too much.